Events & Activities

There’s so much to do in and around Sun City Mesquite

Things to do

We like to keep our calendars full of exciting things to do. Whatever you’re interests are, we’ve got something for you.


Like exercise? Try one of our dance fitness classes, or aquasize. Like dining out? Join our foodie social group, or come to one of our fantastic dinner parties. For the travelers and entertainment enthusiasts, join us on a trip to Las Vegas or St George where we attend concerts, musicals, sports games, and more. 


Our community is filled with amazing people, who are talented, active, and living life to their fullest. We’d love for you to come be part of it and share your special talents and skills with us, too.


  • Ancestor Hunters Genealogy Club
  • Cactus Needles
  • Girlfriends Shopping
  • Glass Crafters Club
  • Hebrew Text Study
  • Social Club
  • Square Dancing
  • Sun City Musicians
  • Sun City Shutterbug
  • Trivia Club
  • and more…

Upcoming Events

Our Community

Arts & Entertainment
From on-site live music, to theatrical excursions, we offer year-round entertainment.
Clubs & Interest Groups
We have clubs for Shopping, Ancestry, Crafting, Square Dancing, Photography, Music and more.
Dinner Parties
We have catered events with live entertainment, you won't want to miss. We can't wait for you to join us.
Education & Learning
We offer educational courses meant to help give you greater understanding to the things that matter to you.
Fitness & Wellness
Whether you're looking to get fit, or you're looking to stay fit, our instructor led classes will help you be fit.
Trips & Excurions
Like to travel? So do we! We have day trips, weekend get aways, and vacations for you to enjoy.
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