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Administration & Information

Board of Directors & Administrative Staff

Our Administration

The Management Staff is responsible to manage the operation of the Association and to administer the duties and obligations of the Association under the governing documents. This means that the Management Staff is responsible for completing the work required for the smooth functioning of the Committees, the Board and the Association.

Management Staff

General Manager Philip Crapo Email: Phone: (702) 346-6004
Director of Compliance, Standards and Concierges Lori Arnone Email: Phone: (702) 346-6095
Lifestyle Director Deborah Demos Email: Phone: (702) 346-6005
Lifestyle Assistant Gaye Ruhlach Email: Phone: (702) 346-6428
Lifestyle Assistant Joni Thon Email: Phone: (702) 346-6428
Concierge Supervisor Gloria Burkhart Email: Phone: (702) 346-6006
Administrative Assistant Terri Dibble Email: Phone: (702) 346-6427
ARC Liaison Diane Ouellette Email: Phone: (702) 346-6475
Facilities Director John Davis Email: Phone: (702) 346-6072

Concierge Staff

Pattie Gallo
Judee Tilander
Merry Jo Lopez
Donna Sherwood
Mary Tillman
Colleen Neault
Cheryl Carr
Betty Leet
Becky Mackay
Sherry Kouba
Doris Christolear
Laura Toner

Facilities Staff

Pablo Briceno
Steve Whittaker
Dayle Hayden
Matt Carr
Patty Borys - Admin to Facilities Director

Board of Directors


President: John Schippert  
Treasurer: Sherry Withrow  
Secretary: Robin Arndt  


President: John Schippert  
Treasurer: Sherry Withrow  
Secretary: George Young  
The Board has all the powers and duties necessary to administer the Association’s affairs and to perform all responsibilities and exercise all the Association’s rights as set forth in the Governing Documents, the Act, and as otherwise provided by law.

Committee Members

Committee members primarily come from the Sun City Mesquite community, alongside staff and management.

Architectural Review

Roy Miller
Elaine Rebele
Patrick M Roach
Annette Forgie
John Schippert
Rick Blitzstein
Diane Ouellette - Staff
Philip Crapo - Staff
Meets every first and third Thursdays at 9:00 am
Chuck Dickie - Chairperson
Susan Deprez
Ellen Cotton
Steve Mowad
Chris Marsh
Donna Eads
Amy Bauch
Sandra Stocks
Terry Stone
Deborah Demos - Staff
George Young - Board Liaison
Meets every third Monday at 10:00 am


Philip Crapo - Staff
Lori Maughan - Staff
Meets Quarterly (January, April, July & October)
Candy White
Tracy Romero
Pattie Chaney
Steve Gantman
Philip Crapo - Staff


Gregory Harmon - Chairperson
Dennis J Regan
Larry Saunders
Rick Burcham
Sherry Withrow
John Wyzgoski
Philip Crapo - Staff
Meets every second Wednesday at 9:00 am
Marianne Estes - Chair
Mark Cupit
Tom Lockard
Rick Blitstein
Philip Crapo - Staff
John Davis - Staff
Robin Arndt - Board Liaison
Meets every second Monday at 8:00 am
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